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Speed Ministry – ‘Six Six Shooter Network’ the international ECU Remap installer network, supported by PrecisionCodeWorks. Every tune is a produced by certified experienced tuner with a suitable dyno facility to host the ‘Six Shooter’ development procedure.

Six Shooter was conceived to provide a parity assessment by certifying figures for our client lookup on the site by running the vehicle against a three repeated transients and three 30 second stop ‘soaks’ between tests. This method of testing eliminates the chasing of social media numbers and respects the thermal and tuning realities and safety of the subject vehicle.

The Speed Ministry tuner network is supported by the world largest independent ECU tuning research company with over 12,000 consulting users in 150 countries purley focused on research and constantly developing engine management software. Our unique use of tuning metadata and proprietary analysis systems enable us to maintain a quality of delivery unmatched in chiptuning, with more than 30,000 vehicles passing through our system per year we can identify any issues based on metrics rather than guess work. We offer the fastest fire and forget tuning solutions to fully custom hardware integration calibrations.

Our tuning software is clean, safe and reliable and 100% emissions and DPF compatible on diesel vehicles, thermal corrections and component security left intact always.


We are looking for experienced international workshops and chiptuners to join our new network, earn huge profit ratios for relatively little labour comment.

As part of the network you will get priority support and professional marketing with your business listed on our agent listing with client detailed leads forwarded directly to you based on the locatcallity to you.

After 20 years in this industry we have witnessed the very worst in support and entrapment practices operated in this industry. We are firmly against this, as such we operate a signed service agreement to our approved franchisee’s guaranteeing a professional level of service and software with partnered tooling quality. If we fail or you fail to support the requirements of the service level agreement we will refund you in full your franchise fee and cancel the agreement upon the return of the hardware.

Tuning vehicles is a disciplined and technical process and is as much in the procedure and client interaction where experience and automotive credentials are paramount. We offer live engineering assistance during GMT business hours and installation training at our quarterly seminars or view our technical webinars and consult or support wiki. We expect all our installers to be able to use and perform professional diagnosis prior to any installation observing our documented procedures.

Our franchise tuning package is a carefully selected hybrid tuning platform supported by Autotuner with our additional J2534 support device for unmatched OBD and Boot coverage this package outstrips any current offering available on price vs vehicle support, with the added benefit of no annual fees or subscriptions updates are included.

The franchise fee of £4500+VAT includes all required tooling and support 10 tuning credits (10 vehicles with RRP of £159 to £399) starter pack with marketing and branding material.